Moana taart
Het exclusieve interview met Mariam uit Rusland

Het geheim achter de Moana wave taart!

1. Hi Mariam! Nice to meet you, can you tell us more about your roots, passion and cake business?

  • Hi! I am also very glad to meet you! Sure, I can tell you my roots. I am Armenian, was born in Armenia, I grew up there until I was 7, but then I moved to Moscow and since then I have lived here. I was interested in drawing, music, poetry, but from childhood I always liked to watch tv shows about cooking and collected recipes from magazines, kept them in notebooks)) having tried myself in many areas, I realized that I wanted to try myself in Pastry.

Mariam Moana taart

Then I studied at the institute and at the same time decided to get a job in a confectionary, without any specialized education. I did not get a job from the first attempt, some time later I left and started creating myself, I wanted to show my abilities more, do what I see and feel, and since then I have given myself to this sweet world :) 

Mariam Moana strand

2. We stumbled upon your beautiful Moana cake on Instagram; how did the customer find you and what were his/her special wishes?

  • Once I had the order from a girl - she of wanted the cake to celebrate the discharge of a baby from the hospital. She saw an example from my works, there was a scene where Moana sits on the beach and meets a wave. But this time I offered her to make her stand, a little differently. And as usual, I posted the cake on my page and did not expect that kind of reaction!
An explosion on Instagram!

Moana taart volledig

The cake literally scattered across Instagram and all the publics reposted it. The customers were delighted, and I was even more, seeing how satisfied they were!

3.Who were involved to execute this wonderful order? And how did you made those blue waves on the cake, also the one that Moana almost touches?

  • The figure of Moana was made by my colleague sculptor, we already worked together and already understood each other’s tasks well. Therefore, I entrusted her to Moana, she was made from sugar paste. The waves are also made from fondant, these are separately thinly rolled stripes, which change from dark to light in shades, imitating waves. The wave itself is made of caramel, also painted in the color of "water". It is difficult to describe in words, it must be seen :)

Golf MoanataartMoana fondant

4.How was the customers reaction to your cake? Our biggest compliments for all the details!

  • They were really delighted and I always get lucky with my clients, they are so nice and good-natured! I sometimes do not understand why I deserve them)) very nice people! They have a wonderful beautiful family, I am glad that I happened to make such beauty for them and give them pleasant emotions. Thank you very much for the wishes!

Thank you very much / շատ շնորհակալություն / большое спасибо вам, Miriam for your beautiful story and Moana Cake! You can follow her and all her fabulous cakes on Instagram: cakes_mariamgevorgyan

Do you want to learn another way to create these beautiful waves? We spotted this Youtube explainer tutorial. Watch from 6 minutes:

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